PHP Basics

February 4th, 202431241 In this article we will teach you some PHP Basics like Data types, Mathematical operators, Comparison operators, Comments, Conditional Statements, Loops, Global...

Working with APIs in PHP

February 4th, 202411882 Let us say that we want to use the OpenWeatherMap API to display the weather in an arbitrary city. We could achieve this in the following way

Working with dates in PHP and JavaScript

February 4th, 202401410 You can use the date function to generate a date string of your desired format. As a second parameter, you can add a UNIX timestamp representing the date that you wish...

Sanitizing input with PHP and JavaScript

February 4th, 202411785 In PHP, there are a variety of ways in which you can sanitize the user input, depending on your needs. The htmlspecialchars function allows you to transform every...
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